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Awaiting Feedback Pickem/Survivor issue


New Member
Have pools set up with Pickem and Survivor, and everything works fine on desktop. On mobile, picks cannot be made - where the circles are to select everything is blank. Touching those areas shows a short blip of a circle there, but nothing can be selected.

Image (2).jpeg
My guess would be some sort of custom STYLE issue.

You should always have an Unedited Core XF Default Style so that you can test on that to make sure its not a custom Style issue.

Can you please verify that the issue exists on an unedited core XF default style or that it only is an issue on your custom style?

Also, what device and what OS on the device?

I just did a quick test with my Pixel 6 Pro (Android 13, Chrome for Android and FireFox for Android) on my site which uses a custom 3rd party style (Font Awesome Plus by Pixel Exit) and I was able to set picks just fine.
This is an iPhone, whatever the most recent OS is. Going to the default style brings everything up fine, you were right.

It appears it's working on Android but not on iOS.
It appears it's working on Android but not on iOS.
On your custom style or on both unedited core XF default style and your custom style?

I don't have an iphone, but it does work with an iPhone emulator (albeit, that is mainly for view port size checking, not actual functionality).

Pickem does not control the radio buttons behaviors, those use core XF inputs and browsers control how things like Radio buttons are handled (usually as an overlay on mobile.
Not sure how to fix it yet.
Maybe ask someone like Russ from Pixel Exit to take a look at it for you. Even tho its not one of his styles, he is one of the most helpful XF designers and has helped with issues caused by other styles (we chat daily, so I hear about things like this all the time).