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Pick'em Leaderboard Widget on Single Page


New Member
Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble getting this widget on a single forum page. For example, if I want the NFL widget to show only on the NFL forum I put this in the conditional: {$forum.node_id} == '4'

However, even though this conditional works with other widgets, the Pick'em widget is still showing on all forums. Any ideas?

Incidentally, I'm using [bd] Widget Framework 2.6.2
There is nothing special about Pickem Widgets vs all other [bd] widgets. The rendering has nothing to do with Pickem that is all handled by the Widget Framework.

Where are you adding that conditional?
Hi Bob, the conditional is being placed in the conditional box at the bottom of the + Add Widget page. I had a play around with a couple of widgets last night and the conditional works for widgets like the HTML and even Forum Statistics. However, I tried the Sportsbook Recent Winners widget and that too is showing up on all nodes.

Maybe something to do with the Widget Framework itself?
It may it may well be something to do with the version of the widget framework, as I believe it's still a beta. I just found it odd that the conditionals worked on some widgets and not others as the set up (barring the renderer) is exactly the same
Incidentally, I'm using [bd] Widget Framework 2.6.2
Ah, I see you are using that new BETA version. I've read that it has A LOT of bugs. You MIGHT want to seriously think about uninstalling that version and installing the latest stable version (2.5.9). Before you do tho, let me do some testing to see why certain widgets are working with that conditional and others don't
OK thanks. I had a feeling it was something to do with the Beta version as I've had a similar setup on 2.5.9 which was fine. FYI I took a couple of screens which show the setup I have (if they're not appropriate for the forum, please delete them). First up is the Pick'em Leaderboard which is not following the conditional:


Then a HTML wrapper (Twitter) which is - I've cut the actual HTML part out, but the conditional is the same. This widget follows the conditional:


I did the same with Forum Statistics just to be sure and this conditional worked:


Finally, I tried the same with Sportsbook Winners and this didn't follow the conditional.

Just testing things out at the moment, if there's an issue with the Beta, I'll revert back to 2.5.9