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I'd like to add another widget to my Pickem ... conditional phrase?


Hey Bob, wondering if you knew what the conditional phrase might be for me to include a different widget for the Pickem.

IE: I can use this for a specific node, but I'm a bit lost on how to direct it to the Pickem home page.

<xf:if is="in_array({$forum.node_id}, [X,Y,Z])">
                  Show content..

I'm in the process of beginning to add weeks now

Survivor '19 - Eliminated
I am lost as to what you are asking. Pickem 2.1.0 and older, does not include ANY Widget Definitions that allow you to create pickem related widgets. Pickem 2.1.1 (just released a few minutes ago), includes a Widget Definition for creating "Pickem: Pick Distribution" widgets.

Are you asking how to add a Widget (that is part of the XenForo Widget System) to the Pickem Home Page or to some other Pickem page?

Maybe try and explain in a bit more full detail what you are trying to do.
I am lost as to what you are asking.
There's a podcast we're going to use with the survivor game this season where the host makes his picks week to week. I wanted to add a widget on the pickem page that would be a link to each weeks podcast.

Make a radio button widget type of thing is easy enough. I'd thought I could create a widget, leave the location undefined, then create an advertisement so I could place it underneath the breadcrumb.

It dawns on me now this may be easier to accomplish by using the notification system with a little HTML work. That can be limited to just the pickem page/tab, et. al.
With the XenForo Widget System, you can create a widget and place that widget ANYWHERE you want via using a widget template helper and the widget key.

IIRC, XenForo includes an Widget Definition that allows you to create an HTML Widget, so you could use that, then edit the specific Pickem template (like the Pool View template) and use the widget template helper to add that widget directly to the pickem page.

Widgets with no position will not appear anywhere, but you can call the configured widget instance directly in templates using the <xf:widget key="widget_key" /> syntax.

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