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Answered Header slow to update on mobile...


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Good afternoon,

I have had a few users report an interesting issue specific to mobile and wondering if @Bob has any ideas / suggestions.

When loading normal forum threads on mobile, the header of the page updates rather quickly to replace the navigation items with the logo and paint in the hamburger menu.

On AMS articles and modular page, for some reason, that process takes a LOT longer, and users get confused. While the page is loading, the logo is small and the navigation items try to paint in, before eventually being replace with the logo and hamburger menu.

Here's a link to a video of this issue in action:

First you'll see me load a few standard forums and threads, then some AMS pages where the issue presents itself. It's as if the header navigation is not correcting itself until after the AMS pages fully load.
wondering if @Bob has any ideas / suggestions.
Not of the top of my head. I know users that had similar issues are now using CF, which has some really nice image cache features. Most 3rd party caching should help, but I can't guarantee that (nobody can, to include XF).

With that said.. right now my focus is on XF 2.3 (and XF 3.0), so any changes to things like cover images and layout types would only be considered in the AMS 2.3 branch or most likely, the AMS 3.0 branch.

If you missed the announcement, development towards XF 2.3 officially ceased Oct 20.