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Implemented Major enhancements to Series


Staff member
With XF 2.2 taking longer than expected, I am going to move some of the features I've implemented for AMS 2.2 into AMS 2.1.x (starting with AMS 2.1.13).

As per title, I've made some major (much needed) enhancements to Series.

I've posted a few individual implemented suggestions thread explaining some of the enhancements. I am going to attempt to list all of the enhancements in this single thread so that you can kinda get an overall picture.

I've implemented several handlers to accompany the existing handlers that have already been implemented for series:
  • Alert Handler
  • Approval Queue Handler
  • Attachment Handler
  • InlineMod Handler
  • ModeratorLog Handler
  • NewsFeed Handler
  • Notifier Handler
  • Poll Handler
  • Reaction Handler
  • Report Handler
  • Search Handler
  • SiteMap Handler
  • Spam Handler
  • Stats Handler
  • Warning Handler
I've added a "message" field to the series table so that the series details could use the BBCode editor along with uploading attachments. Series Details are now required where as the series description is optional.


There are now 2 tabs on a series page (Series Parts and Series Details). The Series parts page is pretty much the same, except that the series description has been removed from the header (its only used for SEO purposes and for snippets on Series listing pages and blocks/widgets.


The Series details page is similar to the Blog Details page in UBS (User Blogs System).


Newly created Series and Reactions to series are posted to the NewsFeed....


I will be posting individual threads for most of the new series features. I am sure I am missing something and if I remember, I will update this...
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