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Updated Series: Several misc updates


Staff member
As per title, I've made several misc updates to the series feature.

Update #1: The Term "Series Part" has been replaced as much as possible (mainly in Phrases, but also in some areas of programming code and fields). The term "Article" is more appropriate, as that is what a series part actually is.

Update #2: There is no longer a Series Part TITLE (YAH!). That field has been removed and anywhere that the series part Title was being used has been replaced with the actual article title (the full title, not snipped or abbr).

Update #3: Several series navigational elements/phrases have been updated to include the Title of the Series instead of just the term series. Example of this are the Next and Previous Links below the article.

Update #4: Article Owners can now add their Article to a Series directly from the Article itself instead of having to navigate to the series just to add an article to it.

Update #5: Several NEW phrases and several phrases have been removed.

Update #6: The Browse series link in the Navigation Block has been moved below the Categories Navigation Tree (as with Browse authors).

Update #7: The Featured Carousel has been changed to display only 1 series at a time (2 was squishing things).

Update #8: All of the Widget Definitions for Series have been updated and have some changes that will require you to EDIT and SAVE any Widgets that you have created with these definitions (mainly due to removing part_count and replacing with article_count).

Update #9: The snippet length has increased from 150 to 300 for the featured macro (which matches the series list macro).

Update #10: Snippets for Series now will use the Series Details if there is no Series description added.

Update #11: Inline Moderation on the Featured Series page has been implemented.

I am probably missing a few things, so I will update this list if needed.
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Having my morning coffee right now, so figured I'd post a few screen shots...

All the stuff that is circled in red has had changes.

Series Index
  • The Browse authors and Browse series has moved from above the Category Navigation Tree to below it.
  • The term "Series parts" has been replaced with "Articles" as that is what a series part IS.
  • The term "Latest series part" has been replaced with "Latest article" and the Article Title is now used (replaces the series part title).
  • The Filter now shows "Series with articles" vs series parts.

  • The main tab changed from "Series parts" to "Articles".
  • The term "Series parts" has been replaced with "Articles".
  • The [Add series part] button has changed to [Add article to series]


  • The Series dropdown has 2 changes, the first is the block title, which now displays "Select article" and the 2nd is the full article title is used in placed of the series part title (which has been completely removed from the system).
  • The Table of contents sidebar block also now displays the full article title.
  • The Next and Previous navigation elements now include the Series Title as well as the full article title.