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Problem with renderer "Tabbed Events" and conditional



I'm using the latest version of Widget Framework (2.6.3-BETA22)

I added a new widget using renderer "Sportsbook Tabbed Events" with position forum_list and conditional {$visitor.user_id} > 0

If I then enter the home page of my forum logged in, I can see the Sportsbook block and inside the Tabbed Events so it's fine. However, if I visit my forum as a guest, the Sportsbook block is present, but the Tabbed Events aren't. That's bad, the expected result should be not to display the Sportsbook block at all (because of the conditional).

I'm not sure if this is a Widget Framework bug or a Sportsbook bug.

Sorry to bother you but are you sure that everything is fine with the Sportsbook Tabbed Events renderer? Because none of these conditional seem to work against it:

{$visitor.user_id} > 0

In fact, it looks like no conditional seem to work. All my other renderers work just fine with the above conditionals.
I guess that maybe Widget Framework 2.6.3-BETA22 isn't applying the conditionals to renderers that aren't part of their stock collection of renderers?

Have you tested that with your renderer? If not, would you like to make a quick test please?
I guess that maybe Widget Framework 2.6.3-BETA22 isn't applying the conditionals to renderers that aren't part of their stock collection of renderers?
Im not sure. [bd] Widget Framework 2.5.9 is the latest STABLE version of that addon and I only develop to the most recent STABLE version of other 3rd party addons.

What you are trying to do works just FINE with BWF 2.5.9.

Have you tested that with your renderer?
Yes, of course I have!

Tabbed Events Widget. Expression field is EMPTY


Widget Displays to Guest (as it should because guests have permission to view Sportsbook).


Now lets add $visitor['user_id'] > 0 to the Expression field. This checks to see if the viewing user is logged in (which means guests won't be able to view it).


Lets refresh the page. Since the viewing user is not logged in, they can't see the widget.


NOTE: If the viewing user does not have permission to view Sportsbook, they won't see the Widget at all because the Render won't generate any content and the content template is wrapped in a conditional that requires content to be set.
Yeah, thank you. It seems to be a problem with 2.6.3-BETA22. It is almost stable, and the reason why I'm using it and not 2.5.9 is because I needed PHP 7 compatibility (in case you are unaware, 2.5.9 is not compatible with PHP 7).

I'll attempt to contact xfrocks about this problem.
Hi Bob,

Just so you know, @xfrocks has just released 2.6.3 as stable (with PHP 7.2 compatibility - it is a major update): [bd] Widget Framework - Updates

I have reported the problem to @xfrocks and he is asking for the PHP files of the renderers so he can take a look. You can review the public report here: Assigned - Conditional not applying properly to third party renderers

So here I'm asking for your permission and authorization to share with him the following file:


So he can review it and debug the problem.

xfrocks can contact me if he needs copies of any files. You are not allowed to share files from a [PAID] addon (that is breaking the license agreement).