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Resolved Is better to use XenForo Feed Importer or AMS?


Hello again. I'm uncertain if this is a proper support thread, is more an opinion kind, specially from AMS users.

As some known, my site uses AMS as a landing page, showing all my articles, threads in some widgets, very nice and well-designed.

One of the services of my site is the news aggregator feature: using the XenForo Feed Importer thought RSS, I can catch them all :p

So, in the AMS page, I use some widgets to show the news, each thread in some category. Functional but, is working?

All the threads go to some Node in the Forum and I think is not the most appropriate way of showing the headlines, since many people enter in my site just for reading the news and not use the Forum.

My idea is to migrate all the feeds from XF to the AMS Feeder, since the article presentation is far more better than a traditional Thread.

Just for legal note, I don't feed the content for copyright respect. Is just the headline with a link to the external site caught 'inside' the thread post. For example:


My idea is to bring all the feeds to the AMS.

What's the general opinion on that guys?

As always, thanks.
Thread Content >> RSS feed importer and AMS Articles >> RSS feed importer work the same one. The former creates threads the later creates articles.

The only benefit of using one over the other is that with AMS Widget Definitions, you have way more options, to include several different types of display options.

Use the one that gives you the best LOOK.
Hey @Bob not to beat a dead horse, but I just noticed as I was looking through cron jobs that I have a cron for:

AMS: Feeder ... disabled.

I am wondering.... I don't remember ever disabling that; so should I turn that on? I am not exactly sure what it does - although from reading up I guess it creates a different image for the articles presentation?

Can you have AMS: Feeder running with other "Feeder?"

Just trying to make sure I am using this in the best manner possible... and trying to learn more too :)

Thank you!
XenForo has a Rss feed importer (Forums >> Thread Content >> RSS feed importer) that is designed to create Threads from an RSS Feed.

AMS has a SIMILAR feature (AMS - Articles >> RSS feed importer), that is designed to create AMS Articles from an RSS Feed.

They are not one in the same, they are completely independant from one another (I also have RSS feed importers in other addons of mine, like UBS that will create Blog Entry's from an RSS Feed into a specific Blog).

Any of the RSS feed importers allow you to create multiple feeds. So for example, if you have a Tech Category in AMS, you could setup an RSS feed importer to use a Tech Feed to create articles in the Tech Category and you can set up a Sports feed to create articles in a sports category.

What you can't do is use the AMS feed importer to create Threads, nor can you use the Forum RSS feed importer to create AMS Articles.

You can't HURT or BREAK anything by trying. Just find a couple RSS feeds and create a couple RSS feed importers using both Core XF so you can see how it creates threads and the AMS to see how it creates articles.

You can delete the threads and articles after testing ;)