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Implemented Permissions on [bd] Framework Widgets?


Staff member
I didn't add any viewing permissions into the 2 Widgets yet because I wasn't sure how everyone would prefer to manage them.

The built in Sportsbook Sidebar hooks use the Main "View Sportsbook" permission for the Addon itself and I could go ahead and use that as well... OR I could create a seperate permission name "view Widgets" so that you could actually let members see the widgets, but not be able to see Sportsbook. This was brought up to me as a "teaser" to get people to join premium memberships.

I won't be doing permissions for each widget however.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
added a 3rd option to the poll. If I don't get any responses soon, I will just make the decision and stick with it.
Use the existing "View Sportsbook" as the permission to view Widgets WINS