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Resolved Outdated templates on upgrade


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Hi. Upgraded both forums with AMS. One forum is fine. The other one has outdated templates. Automatic merge didn't work. It seems to be related to styles (Default style and my xenbase style). I'm using one of Russ's styles. The style was on the latest version before upgrading AMS. Strange one forum was ok and the other not but I maybe set them differently in some places.

Xenforo was/is on 2.2.11 before the upgrade. I installed the 2.2.21 AMS upgrade.

Also a server error log. The Xenbase style seems to be the latest update and not out of date.
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If outdated templates won't MERGE, then you need to REVERT them and re-apply any customizations. Its crucial that you revert those so that stuff that is supposed to be there, is there, otherwise you run into situations where something doesn't work, because it relies on something new that was added by the core addon.

That last one is probably due to a race condition during the upgrade process and can safely be deleted.