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Notices System - "Less Than X Showcase Items"


SC Premium
Quite a simple suggestion, the "more than" option that currently in place I'd imagine isn't as of much use as a "less than" would be.

With the proposed option you would be able to target notices to member's that currently don't have a showcase item at all (in my case a car in their garage) and prompt them to create one.
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Showcase uses "at least" so the opposite probably should be "No More Than" so its inline with the 2 messages options for core XF.

User has posted at least X messages:
User has posted no more than X messages:

Showcase - User has created at least X items:
Showcase - User has created no more than X items: (setting this to ZERO would apply to all users that have not created a showcase item)

I'll add the same for Comments, Ratings and Reviews as this does come in handy for Notices where as the opposite comes in handy for Promotions and Trophy's
@Bob B that was one fast turn around, thank you - great call on adding the rating and review options too.

I was working on Showcase today (preparing RC 2) and figured I'd just knock this one out really quick since everything to do it was already in place. You had perfect timing :)
Synchronicity right there :) I'm hoping to install Showcase 2.2 alongside XF 1.4 at the same time so I can redo any template customisations in one go.

I should really jump on the updates more regularly and help you with bug reports.

When things settle down after the new release, if you free up on time at at all I'd still love to get something sorted for this. Whether that's an official feature or a bit of custom work for my site that I'll pay you for :)