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Newbie help


New Member
Hey there @Bob
After finally purchasing Showcase today for my website - it's about the Horror genre - and I am attempting to set it up as a little bit of a 'Reviews' set up for people to review horror related books and movies.

I have attempted to go through all of the settings, however after a long day it seems like I am banging my head against a brick wall.

On the main 'Showcase' page nothing appears despite me putting up a review.

To see what I mean here is a link - http://australianhorrorcompany.online/index.php?showcase/
There isn't much on it yet as I was getting all of the systems/addons set up first. But I have a movie review (http://australianhorrorcompany.online/index.php?showcase/the-visit.1/) but can't seem to be able to work out how to get them appearing on that front page.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
On the main 'Showcase' page nothing appears despite me putting up a review.
Im going to assume that you are not using the Advanced MODULAR Layout for Showcase home, so that means you are just using the paginated Index style with one of the several layout types set. One of the layout settings for Showcase Home is REQUIRE IMAGE. If you have that checked and the single piece of content you created doesn't have an image uploaded to it, it won't display.

If you have Showcase Home set to MODULAR LAYOUT, unset that and set it to one of the regular layout types as you are NOT ready for Modular Layout yet. That is something for Advanced Users that have been using Showcase for awhile and understand its basics with how the Category Overrides system works.

I would suggest also that you create several DUMMY Items (at least 5) and make sure you add things like description, images etc (make your dummy test items as real as what your reviews are going to be).

Its best to not use the more advanced options settings (stuff like REQUIRE IMAGES) until you have a lot of content so you can see the effect of that option setting when you have content with images and content without images.
What an egg I am... Let's put it down to not enough sleep and working too much on many different things at once. I log into the site today and decide okay lets tackle this - number one on my list... get these items to show up. After looking at your reply I head straight to the settings the first thing I see?

REQUIRE IMAGE - checked. Take it off and here is my review sitting there looking at me.

Sorry to waste your time @Bob