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Rating and reviews fields not showing up


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When I try to submit a post, I do not see the fields for ratings and reviews. And I also don't see them on the review page. But in the admin section for the showcase, I have it set to allow ratings and require reviews. Showcase

That screen shot is a Category Edit page. Those options pertain to that specific category only, so double check to make sure that the item is in that specific category.

Also, there are other important factors that determine whether or not users can Rate a given item and or post User Review(s) on a given Item. They need to have PERMISSION to do so.

Have you set all of the Showcase Rating and Review permissions for each User group?

If the viewing user has permission to RATE and or REVIEW an item, they will see a "Leave a rating" button on the Item Overview page...


And when clicking on the button, it will take them to the rating input form (which will also include any custom review fields that you have added for the category that the item is being added to).

I have set the permissions and I now see the button. But my question is, when submitting an item for the first time should the rating and review fields appear as well? Or does a user have to submit an item, then click the button to rate/review it? It would be nice if both the item fields and the review/rating fields are at once.
Ratings and Reviews are SUB CONTENT (like comments) that are posted on a given Showcase Item. Custom review fields are for adding custom inputs to the Rating/Review input form (custom item fields are for adding custom fields to the item input form).

Showcase does have an Author Rating (per category option) that is separate from user reviews (which is for the showcase item author to set an author rating for the item).





Showcase Item Authors are allowed to post User Reviews as well (if you give them permission).