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New Series Button not appearing

Semper Fidelis

New Member
AMS Premium
Can't figure out why. All our Administrative usergroups have permissions to create new Series but only 1 of 3 can actually see the New Series button to create a New Series. I can't figure out why.
Without much more information, it is nearly impossible to help troubleshoot a permission issue. Multiple Usergroups effect the "Final Value" as well as any CATEGORY level permissions that could be overriding a Global Permission.

What does the permissions analyzer say for the 2 individuals that can't see the button for the permissions "Create series", "Max series per user" and "Manage series by self" ?

This is an example of the output of the Permissions Analyzer and shows each user group, what the setting is for that user group and the Final Value (which is the important value).

Let me ask what might be a dumb question since I'm in testing right now before deployment.

Do you start a New Series by first creating your first article and then creating a Series after your first article is written or do you start a series by clicking New Series even if you have never posted an article?
Sorry for the trouble.
Never be sorry for asking for help. I can't always respond right away, but I will when I can and I never have a problem helping people.

Series functionality is NEW to AMS (just added it a few weeks ago), so there might still be kinks to work out here and there. It is a feature that I built for my BLOGS addon that has been very popular, so I decided to integrate it into AMS (works a bit different in the Blogs addon than the AMS version of it). Its based on a popular Word Press addon called "Series". Anyway.. if something with the series functionality isn't working how you expect or doesn't make sense, let me know so I can try and explain it from how I designed it to work.
I appreciate how super-helpful you are. Your addon is top notch and your support is as well.

Where is your Blogs Addon that you mentioned? I migrated to Xenforo about a month ago and pretty much retired the blog functionality because I couldn't find a suitable addon for XF.
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