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Implemented New Option: Home Page - Tabbed Items Sidebar Block Options


Staff member
As per title, there is a new option that allows you to display a Tabbed Items block on Showcase Home page sidebar. This is the same exact functionality as you are already familiar with for Forum Home, CTA FT Portal, [bd] WF Renders.

As you can see, you have the same options available for Showcase home as you do all the other tabbed blocks.


The output is via a Shared Template, so its standardized through out showcase.

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Hi Bob, a question please.
For me it does not show the Featured Tab. All other tabs will work when activated.
I think this happend after the last update to RC3, in default style it´s the same.
After the update there was no template to merge.
Any idea?



Its working here: Showcase | XenAddons - XenForo Add-ons & Custom Development

Could be a template auto merge issue. The only other thing that I can think of is the common mistake of setting the HOME page options and then viewing a Category Page (which has its own options). That happens a lot. If its not that, then the next troubleshooting step is to look at the template.
I know that the featured tab work :)
It is activated since you´ve implemented this option.
My screen from these block options are the settings of "Forum Home", all other settings for it on "Home Page" and categorys are disabled.
I will take a look if i find the template.
ok, let me know if you find anything. I can't reproduce it here (Forum Home works fine, SC Home works fine, SC Categories work fine, CTA blocks work fine, [bd] WF Renderers work fine).
Ok, i found it.
It only show featured items of selected categories, not from any child of the parent.
So the child categories have to been selected too.

It was curious for me because the other tabs took the items from the childs.

Thanks :cool:
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Is there a reason that only the featured tab don't take items of the child categories?
None of them fetch from Child Categories. You have to select each specific category to fetch from. Including items from children is a special function for pages like Category Pages, Modular Home/Category and search.
I see, all tabs (without featured) will be shown but they does´nt list the correct items without selected childs.
It´s clear now, thanks :)
I see, all tabs (without featured) will be shown but they does´nt list the correct items without selected childs.

Its SIMPLE. For THIS BLOCK, there is a CATEGORIES CHOOSER. You choose which category or multiple categories that you want to pull items from. PARENT or CHILD does not come into play in any way shape or form. If you want items that are in a specific category to be fetched, you HAVE to select that specific category. You can't just select a PARTENT and expect items from child categories to be fetched. Its NEVER worked that way and NEVER will work that way.

CATEGORY PAGES themselves are DIFFERENT in that they display all content within their entire tree (Parent and all its children). That is specifically designed that way.

It has been this way since DAY 1 of Showcase. This isn't something NEW, its not something recent, its one of the oldest features in Showcase that has always been this way and isn't going to change.