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Links from forum thread to Showcase item are broken


New Member
Hi :)

We're using Showcase as a Cook Book. I created a recipe, pointed it to the forum that I wanted the discussion created in and everything works perfectly.

The problem starts when you click on the link in the discussion thread to see the full details of the recipe. The link redirects to the wrong place.

i.e. Showcase link - www.mydomain.com/community/forums/showcase

Discussion link - www.mydomain.com/showcase

I'm not sure if it's a bug or something I've screwed up.

all URLS are produced using the core xenforo xen:link function. Now, with that said, if you are talking about the URLs in a POST that were made in Jan and then changed the URL structure in Feb, then those URLs would be wrong as those are post content and not dynamic template code.

I'd need to SEE the post in question and can tell you right away if that was the case. You can send my the URL private (via inbox).