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Implemented Convert Item to Thread


Staff member
This was funded by 2 Link Directory Premium license holders that needed a built in supported way to convert items into threads.

Important Note
: This feature is BETA and not supported. Please keep that in mind when using it in a production environment!

This is a permissions controlled moderator function.


If the viewing user is a moderator, has permission to convert threads to link directory items, the thread is either thread type 'discussion' or thread type 'article' and the thread is visible (not moderated or deleted), they will see a link in the more options "Link Directory: Convert thread to item".


Clicking on the "Convert item to thread" link will launch an overlay.


Clicking on confirm, will do one of 2 things:

Item with existing thread: Will convert the item to the existing thread. The First post of the existing thread will be replaced by the Item Details as well as convert the items attachments to the first post. The Item will be hard deleted after the transaction.

Item without an existing thread: Will create a new thread and first post using Item Data. The Item will be hard deleted after the transaction.
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Beta status removed. This feature is now fully supported!
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Once more Bob... it's a pleasure at the level you support your add-ons. Many (not limited to the XenForo script) could learn much from it.
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