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Implemented Convert Thread to Item


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This was funded by 2 Link Directory Premium license holders that needed a built in supported way to convert threads into items.

Important Note
: This feature is BETA and not supported. Please keep that in mind when using it in a production environment!

This is a permissions controlled moderator function.


If the viewing user is a moderator, has permission to convert threads to link directory items, the thread is either thread type 'discussion' or thread type 'article' and the thread is visible (not moderated or deleted), they will see a link in the more options "Link Directory: Convert thread to item".


Clicking on the "Link Directory: Convert thread to item" link will launch an overlay.


Clicking on confirm, will create a new Link Directory Item in the destination category. The thread will be associated to the newly created item and the thread type will be set to xa_ld_item. The first post of the associated thread will be modified with the standard first post phrase used when creating new items that have associated threads.

A valid URL is required and you can see in this screen shot, I am attempting to convert the thread without setting a valid URL.


It also checks for duplicates (a perfect match).


It also checks the Link Directory domain blacklist (LD options).

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