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Issue with Cash to Poor system

What exactly is the issue that you are having with the Cash To Poor system?

Do you think you have users that should be getting a Cash to Poor payment, but are not?

Do you have users that report that they think they should be getting a Cash to Poor payment, but are not?

All Cash to Poor transaction are stored and can be viewed in the Admin CP (Admin CP >> Applications >> Sportsbook >> Sportsbook Cash Tools >> Cash Management >> Cash to Poor Transactions. This comes in handy for troubleshooting as you can see who is getting payments and when (by date).

The Cash to Poor System only runs ONCE per 24 hours via CRON and will only process a transaction for a user if the conditions are met. So if someone isn't getting paid that you think should be, its most likely that they are not qualifying for one of several reasons.

To qualify, a user MUST have LESS THAN 1. Values like 0, 0.x will qualify. Values like 1, 1.x will NOT qualify. The thread you liked to was because the where clause used to be where cashfield = 0, so ONLY an exact value of 0 qualified. If a user had 30 cents (0.30), then they wouldn't. Its now where cashfield < 1, meaning that 0.30 qualifies, but anything 1 or greater does not.
I asked them to keep track and there's been no reports. I think they automatically assumed they wouldn't get cash to the poor payment when they couldn't bet all their apparent cash. All they had to do was bet $1 less when that happened. Thanks for resolving this.
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