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Fixed give to poor bug

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there is a bug.
let me explain.
1) you can only bet whole dollars amounts.
2) the job to 'give to the poor' only gives when their balance is at zero (i.e. zero cents).
now i have a balance of 50 cents. I cant bet using that amount, nor can i get the minimum 'give to the poor amount.
what can i do?
okies.. quick fix for this..

It requires a simple file edit.

Edit the file: /library/XI/Sportsbook/Model/Cash.php

Its the last method in the file: public function cronGiveToThePoor()

edit line 205:
currently reads WHERE sportsbook_cash = 0
CHANGE to WHERE sportsbook_cash < 1

You can also change that to something like WHERE sportsbook_cash < 25 if you wanted to give to the poor at a higher number than 0

This is fixed in the next version.
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