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Imported Articles, can't get them on CTA


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I imported the articles through a custom importer. However if I create a new article, it's displayed right away.

I'm not sure what I might be missing between the two or where I should start.
Here you are.

Everything else has been unchecked.


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    Screenshot 2017-07-14 18.20.06.png
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  • Screenshot 2017-07-14 18.19.48.png
    Screenshot 2017-07-14 18.19.48.png
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On the "CTA FT Portal Articles Options", you have the Sort Order set to Most Recent, so I am guessing that your IMPORTED Articles are OLDER than the ones that you've recently created.

Also, you have the REQUIRE IMAGE set, so if any of those imported articles do not have cover images set, they won't be fetched.

The other thing is, you have the fresh content cutoff set at 420 days. Articles that have a create date older than 420 day will not be fetched.

When troublshooting, you should disable things like Fresh Content setting (set it to 0) and uncheck require image. Also try a different sort order (like views).
Thanks Bob...I've tried changing the dates are suggested.

Still no dice. I can get articles via the Widget addon...but not quite was I was looking for.


  • Screenshot 2017-07-14 18.58.14.png
    Screenshot 2017-07-14 18.58.14.png
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Thanks Bob...I've tried changing the dates are suggested.

btw, why did you change the Amount of Articles to display from 15 to 5? if you are Troublshooting, you should be setting that to like 100 so that you can make sure that the content you are looking for is at least being fetched. From there, then you can switch sort type to see if the content that you are looking is displayed higher in the result set.

My guess is that this content is TOO OLD be to be in the TOP 5 or TOP 10 results for most result sets.
Taking your advice, I removed the required image, etc. I was able to get a surprise 10 articles to post on my test site via the widget.


  • Screenshot 2017-07-14 19.15.08.png
    Screenshot 2017-07-14 19.15.08.png
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The AMS:Articles Renderer and the CTA Block use the exact same code to fetch articles. If you set both of them to the same options settings, you should be getting the same exact result sets.
Yeah, it's weird, I can't even get the ticker to go off either...Widgets work just fine. Contemplating uninstalling completely and starting fresh.
Im out of ideas lol It SHOULD be working just fine (unless I am missing something). Are your imported articles displaying OK on the AMS Index and Category pages?

I'll be around this weekend if you need me to log into your site and check things out.