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How to find out who rated items


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Point of note (future enhancement?) .... if no review is submitted, then it appears there is no way for users|moderators|admin to see whom has left ratings, and the rating score that was given. Only the item owner can see whom has rated their item, by way of an alert.
@Bob I in the same boat. I have the Rating System Type set to Rate & Review and do not have the "Review Required".
One member are trolling other members items given 1 star ratings. Admins cannot see were they do that neither delete/edit that ratings.

Why ratings cannot be added to item Review tab?
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Why ratings cannot be added to item Review tab?
Because the are NOT reviews. Im not going to spend time explaining technical reasons when it won't change anything.

Feel free to create a suggestion thread asking for a Moderator Function/Item Tool for RATINGS. The purpose of this function/tool would be to see a listing of all the RATINGS (which are designed to be anonymous to the public). Obviously this would be PERMISSIONS based (a Moderator permission). This won't be something that the Item Owner will be able to see as (AGAIN), ratings are designed to be anonymous to the public and that includes item owners. I have something similar on the TODO list for AMS/UBS/SC (RMS doesn't have ratings only, so its a mute point).

Also, there is nothing stopping you from using phpMyAdmin to find this individual. Send me an inbox with credentials for phpMyAdmin and the ID's of a couple Showcase Items that you are sure there is one individual doing this and I can tell you the name(s).