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Implemented Showcase: Item permission - Set author rating own items


Staff member
sbj said:
3) Make author rating its own permission in usergroups (can set author rating).

It would only work if for the item category the author rating is enabled. This way we can enable author rating, but disallow authors to set the rating. Instead mods could set it how they like it, if they had the permission to do so. It would be like having "Rotten Tomatoes" like rating system for items.
This has been implemented in Showcase 3.1.11

I've added a new Showcase Item permission "Set author rating own items". This new permission works in conjunction with the per category setting "Allow author ratings".


Here is an item in a category that allows author ratings, however, the viewing user does not have permission to set an author rating on their own items, so they won't see the Author rating input.


Lets give the registered group permission to set author ratings on their own items.


And here you can see, the viewing user can now set an Author rating for this item.


Note: Moderators that have the permission to edit ANY item, will be able to set/unset the Author rating (even if the owner of the item does not have permission to do so).

Note 2: I'll probably add this same permission to AMS and UBS.
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