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Google Maps integration


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As per title, looking into possible integration with google maps. Please LIKE this if you are interested as well as provide some details on how you'd like to see google maps integrated (since there are a lot of different ways).

I need details from those of you that want to use this.
I like this idea, I m currently using showcase as Chinese restaurant review system, a google map is a almost must have stuff for me, thanks
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One of my projects requires google map integration. I will be listing businesses. Right now I've been playing with using the resource manager with the html addon to use google maps. It feels incomplete for a real business directory atm. So, I'm looking for alternatives.
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your help.

Yes, I use a hacked version of that on another site. I even donated. Unfortunately, it seems that the author is too busy with other addons. I may abandon it since it doesn't feel like it has a bright future. I just don't look forward to copying hundreds of listings to something else.

I need something solid, with a good future, a decent layout, and features that are important to my new project. The business listings and ratings will be a huge part of the site. I must be able to rely on it. I don't know what to use for the new project yet.

Last update for XenKingDir was over a year ago. The author is not responding to support requests.
This is also something to look at: https://xenreviews.com/reviews/restaurants/italian-restaurants/

I've been watching this one as well. It looks like it will have a lot of nice options. I'm just not too crazy about the whole layout. But, it's on the top of my list to watch.
I use this for business reviews, which includes custom fields setup for addresses. The ability to use this address field to populate a map in the home, category, or item page would be great.
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The reason I purchased Showcase was to port over a static section of a website I bought that listed soccer fields in an area.

Would love some sort of integration with Google Maps to make it easier in setting things up how I want them - hell, I don't even know right now if Showcase is the best product for this purpose but I'm willing to fit a square peg into a round hole if I must :)
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To elaborate on this function: I would like to have a new item field type: address field. This field could make use of Google API as well.

Then we need to be able to display a maps block that shows the location and the directions to the item location.
The approach could either be to
  1. have a category option to turn a maps block on or off.
  2. OR have a MAPS item field type that we can place anywhere we like.
I prefer the second possibility because that offers a lot of flexibility. This would allow us to put a map in the header area, under a tab, in a sidebar block or self placement. Basically anywhere the admin needs it to be.
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Just in case anyone finds this useful: Its already possible to add a map for an item by using Value Display HTML and inserting the Google Maps value into a single line text field. Basically you add the embed code into the Value Display HTML admin field and replace the unique part with {$value}
Then add the unique value to the single line text field for exach item.
However, there is little chance that members will use this.
For restaurant/hotels reviews and/or events listing have the maps visible could be very useful!

The same, for example, listing a category and have all the items with coordinated listed on the map.
some infos to manage many markers