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Implemented Games/Matches layout format


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Is it possible to have an option to change the view of the teams?

Explain: In the NFL it's always visitor@home, but in soccer leagues its always home vs visitor. So it would be great to change the view in pools for these parts of picks.

I hope my explanation was clearly enough. :D;)
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This is something that is planned, just not implemented yet. It will be implemented in a future 2nd point release.

btw, this has nothing to do with the NFL. Its SportsML (Sports Markup Language) compliant (which the HOME team is listed last or on the bottom). Its derived from sports like Baseball in which the Home team always has the last chance on offense (like the bottom of the ninth inning). Its NOT an NFL thing. NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAABB all follow SportsML standard.
Could you please bring back the Picks Layout Format option in version 2?

It's a feature we didn't expect to lose going from Xenforo V1 to V2.
This has be re-implemented in Pickem 2.1.1. This applies to both the Backend (all Game/Match lists and input forms) and Frontend (Player Picks, Pick Distribution, Manage Picks etc).


Here are a few screen shots showing what it looks like when you choose Home Team vs Visitor Team