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Picks layout format option: does not seem to have an effect in Admin

Discussion in 'Pickem Support' started by BIGLLC, Dec 17, 2018.


    BIGLLC Member Pickem

    Picks Layout Format
    Visitor Team @ Home Team | Visitor Team Top / Home Team Bottom
    Home Team vs Visitor Team | Home Team Top / Visitor Team Bottom
    This option allows you to chose between the @ Format or vs Format for the scheduled matches on the Picks and Picks Edit views.

    I have selected Home v Visitor, but the system is displaying Visitor @ Home format in the Admin game management screen and when creating games.

    This will just lead to errors inputting games.

    BIGLLC Member Pickem


    - Is [teamname] Team City, Team Nickname, or Team Abbreviation? Or a combination?

    Your instructions give a clue but... ?

    "only enter the image name and extension in the input box tho.. ie raiders.png"

    So I am making a guess that this means the Team Nickname?
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    That option (which was added via private funding) only pertains to the Frontend, not the Admin CP. I'd move this to suggestions, however, Pickem 1.x is no longer in development, so any adjustments that you want to make will have to be done on your own (or I could do a [paid] customization for you if you decide to use the addon).

    The image names can be anything you want, as long as the image name that is added to the Team Logo INPUT matches the name of the image file that you upload to the server.

    Example, the name of the image that I uploaded to the server is called "skins.png", so that is what I add to the Team Logo input.

    BIGLLC likes this.

    BIGLLC Member Pickem

    I cannot find the Picks Layout Format option in version 2. Am I just looking in the wrong place or has it not been included in v2?
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    This. Feel free to post suggestions in the pickem suggestion forum.
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