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Updated Article view layout type changes


Staff member
As per title, I've made 2 MAJOR changes and 2 minor changes to the "Article view" layout type (which is an experimental layout type for AMS 2.x and is still being worked on before making it a permanent layout type).

Major Change 1. Article view layout now displays the Cover Image. This is the FULL SIZE cover image (not the small thumbnail that is used on List view and Grid view layouts).

Major Change 2. Article view layout no longer displays a Full or Partial BBCode rendered Article. Instead, it now displays a standard non formatted SNIPPET of the Article. This is more practical for Listing Pages like AMS Index or AMS Category pages than displaying a fully bbcode rendered version of the Article.

Minor Change 1: Updated the Meta Data. I've reordered the meta data to match the order of List view layout as well as Featured blog entries layout. I've also added views and reviews counts (reviews is linked to the reviews tab of the article).

Minor Change 2: Added Status Icons (sticky, featured, watched, poll, awaiting moderation and deleted).

The end result is somewhat similar to the old "News View II" layout item from AMS 1.x (cept not displayed in a grid layout on larger view ports like News View II was). This should allow for future expansion doing things like displaying custom field data.

Here is a screen shot of wide view responsive (large desktop).


And here is a screen shot of Narrow Responsive (iPhone X).

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