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Extra Field in Title/ Reviews in Profile Post


New Member
While creating an Article i would like to get an extra Field, as a selectable Dropdown, (e.g.: Search, Sell, Trade) that shall be also displayed into the Title ( positioned before or after the Title).
I´m having a little problem to get this working (if that will work at all)
Hope that someone can give me some advice?! Thanks
The EASIEST way would be via Self Placement Custom ITEM Field(s). That would only involve creating the field(s) and editing templates (a lot of templates). This is by far the easiest as it doesn't require a single bit of PROGRAMMING. It does take awhile as you'd have to edit every single template that is displaying an item title and adding the self placement field helper before or after the title (and there are A LOT of templates).

All of the other ways would involve PROGRAMMING (either direct file edits and additions or via an addon to the addon). It would be pretty complex as you'd need to add fields to the database to store the content which requires modification or extending the Item DataWriter. You'd have to modify or extend the ITEM model (several methods to include the main fetching methods). You'd have to modify and extend several actions in multiple controllers and then you'd need to edit A LOT of templates (again, to ADD the new data that you want to display).

Something like this is no easy task.
Sounds as if that is a lot of work and with my knowledge.. Well, i´ll give it a try ;)

Let me ask you one more question. Can user reviews be stored into the Profile Page of a user (by design or would i also need to change the Code?)?
I can´t find any option to have them displayed into the user´s profile page :/
Articles will be deleted after x Month.

Edit: Give me Glasses :cool: It´s in SC Member Page where i can edit it ;)
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