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Font awesome support for fields title


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I really want this. Hope you add it in next updates.
What I really want is to add part to "Create New Field" (both in review fields and item fields) and let us choose a icon for that field. Like this:
This icon just will be appeared next to its title in ACP (in fields list) and item page. So it will not be shown next to the title in create or edit item page (because that page doesn't support it)

Now I add icon manually to titles, and its working:
But there are three problems:
  • It takes time each time to choose it manually
  • It shows codes in ACP (see screenshot below)
  • It shows codes in create or edit page (see screenshot below)
2015-12-04_22-59-10.png 2015-12-04_22-59-53.png
Being able to choose while creating or editing fields in ACP (as first screenshot shows) will solve first problem.
If you add support to font awesome to Create field in ACP, it will solve second problem. Like "Custom Tabs" add-on:
If you set it not to be shown in create or edit item page, will solve third problem.

If you add this to Tabs title of each category too, that would be more appreciated. ;)
Because its not supporting it at all: 2015-12-04_23-16-26.png

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Of course this is suggestion.
I don't know why I posted in support forum.
Appreciated if you @Bob move it to suggestion forum.