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Events not closing on time


New Member
This is a recent thing since the upgrade to 1.2, but the events aren't closing when they're supposed to and the members are having to go in and close them. Thoughts?

As a side note, I'm also having problems with some other cron activities. I have no idea if they're interrelated.
I've changed some functionality in the next version of sportsbook that solves any issues with CRON/DEFERRED. Each time an event is accessed, it verifies the event status and will change it if necessary before rendering.
Neat. Before I started looking into this I wasn't aware it ran on a schedule. I thought that when the time struck the system automatically closed it.
Im still going to keep the CRONs in there, but I've added in a verifyEventStatus method in the event model (called in the prepareEvent method) for checking open and closed events and setting them to awaiting_settlement and open respectively.