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Event Settled but no pay out


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Just settled my first event for XF v1.3 and Sportsbook v1.3.0, but despite being Settled and Paid Out, no amount has been awarded to winners ...

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.26.21 am.png
Have I done something wrong?
How can I correct?

hmmm.... that is a strange one. Are you sure that templates were properly reverted when you upgraded? also, are you POSITIVE that you did not check PUSH?
No outdated templates, and I hadn't made any chances so I do not remember any issues with the showcase templates anyways.
99.9% sure I didn't check push (not sure what that is?), but you've got me 2nd guessing myself now :)
PUSH is a new feature. What a PUSH is, is when an outcome results in a TIE. When you PUSH an event, it returns the STAKE to the user, but doesn't pay anything out.

So if you had say a soccer game and had outcomes like this..

Team A Wins
Team B Wins

Final score Team A - 1, Team B - 1

When you settle, you can now mark those as PUSH to return the stake only.
is it possible for me to get access to the DB to see what is stored in the tables? for that event (need to look at the event, all outcomes for that event and all wagers on those outcomes).