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Event settled with no winning outcome



There was a soccer match between Team A vs Team B but the match was postponed. I decided to settle the event by simply clicking "Settle Event". It worked but I see that members lost the money that they put on their wager.

For example, if I check the profile of a member that placed a wager of $30 to the outcome "Team B", under the "Sportsbook" tab I see:

Team B
Team A vs Team B
Event settled 5 minutes ago

Staked: $30
Odds: 13/10 (2.30)
Lost: -$30

A similar scenario is found when I check the "Sportsbook" tab of member's profiles that placed their wager on the other 2 outcomes for the event: "Tie" and "Team A".

Is it normal for your system to take that as a "lost"? I think that's wrong because the member didn't win but didn't lost either.

Is it normal for your system to take that as a "lost"?
Yes, this is expected and is how the settlement process works when you leave an outcome unchecked and settle the event. Leaving an outcome unchecked tells the system that the outcome does NOT payout which means it counts as a LOSS for users that placed wagers on that outcome.

I think that's wrong because the member didn't win but didn't lost either.
This is what a PUSH is for. I explained this in detail to you already in another thread and I even used this exact scenario to explain to you what a PUSH is and how to use a PUSH for different situations.

An outcome (during the settlement process) has THREE distinct actions that tell the settlement process what to do for each outcome.
  1. Each individual outcome can be checked to Payout (which is considered a WIN)
  2. Each individual outcome can be checked to PUSH (which returns the stakes to everyone that placed a wager on the outcome).
  3. Each individual outcome can be left unchecked to NOT payout (which is considered a LOSS)
When you settle an event and leave an outcome UNCHECKED, that outcome is being settled as a LOSS for any wagers placed on that outcome.

What you should have done in this case was check PUSH for all of the outcomes so that the settlement process returned the stakes for those outcomes to all users that placed wagers on those outcomes.

Another thing you could have done in this scenario is not settle the event, but instead DELETE the outcomes which returns any stakes placed on those outcomes, then delete the event or edit the event and add some new outcomes.
Thanks for your patience, fortunately, I tested this on my local dev environment first so my live site still have the event unsettled :)

When I settle the event, there are 6 checkboxes:

[] Team A ( Push [] )
[] Tie ( Push [] )
[] Team B ( Push [] )

In this specific case, I guess that I need to leave unchecked the three checkboxes at the left side and tick all the other three checkboxes of the right side corresponding to the "Push", correct?
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The settlement function processes PUSHES first, so even if you checked both PAYOUT and PUSH on an outcome, its only going to process a PUSH for that outcome. Once an outcome has been processed, it can't be processed by another step during the settlement process.

Checking PUSH is going to PUSH the outcome
Checking both PAYOUT and PUSH is going to PUSH the outcome
Checking Payout and leaving PUSH unchecked will PAYOUT the outcome
Leaving both boxes unchecked means the outcome is processed as not paying out (which is a loss)