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Implemented Event Outcome sorting options


New Member
It would be great to have options to choose how outcomes are sorted on the event page.
Right now it displays by most wagers, which for me makes it messy. Mine now sorts by outcome creation date as you can see here.
I'd like to see:

Sort by outcome created date
Sort by # of wagers
Sort alphabetically
Sort by stake
Sort by current odds

ascending/descending option for each of course.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented (not 100% to the suggestion however).

There are 2 new Options on the Sporstbook Options Event Page Tab (Outcome Sort Order Types and Default Outcome Sort Order Type).

Outcome Sort Order Types: This option allows you to chose the Sort Types that you want to make available to your users on the Sportsbook Event Tab and View Detailed Outcomes Tab of a Sportsbook Event.
  • Wagers Placed
  • Amount Staked
  • Amount Paidout
  • Outcome Pays
  • Date Created
  • Date Updated
  • Title: A-Z
NOTE: When you enable a specific sort order type, the Drop Down Menu will display 2 options (one for Descending and another for Ascending) with 2 exceptions (see note 2).

: Outcome Pays is only available in Descending order. Title is only available in Ascending order.

Default Outcome Sort Order Type: This option lets you set the Default Sort Order... eg, in the case of the OP, they wanted to be able to sort by Date Created by default instead of Wagers Placed.

NOTE: The Default Sort Order MUST be set in the Outcome Sort Order Types.

Screen shot of the new Options...


Screen shot of what it looks like on the Event Page
Is "Sort By Current Odds" not possible? It would be really useful for things like golf tournaments, tennis tournament, award shows, etc... where all of the outcomes are simply odds of a specific winner and only one outcome can happen.
Is "Sort By Current Odds" not possible?
Its not possible as the data that determines payout odds is multiple fields that are used in calculations.

Every possible way that outcomes can be sorted is already being done.
@Bob Have you given any consideration to have the event date and time as an option.

IE: I have week one in for CFB. A member suggested adding a game. If I do it throws off the chronological order of the board. I know...ADHD thing.

Just a thought ...
This thread pertains to the XF1 version of Sportsbook and pertains to Outcomes, not Events

Also, the XF2 version of Sportsbook lets you set the default order of the Outcome list on Events.

Also, each outcome can be stickied so that it remains at the top of the outcome list. I do that for the 4 main outcomes for each game and then sort the rest by wagers placed.