sportsbook 1.7.1

  1. Bob

    Implemented Prefix Options: Default Event Prefix

    As per title, you can now set a Default Event Prefix for a specific category which will be applied to the Event CREATE form when creating new Events in that specific category. This new option is available on the Prefix Options TAB for each Sportsbook Category. NOTE: The Prefix Options Tab is...
  2. Wasserlasser

    Fixed Please select a Prefix

    I would love to, but where?
  3. mgsolidus

    Implemented Event Outcome sorting options

    It would be great to have options to choose how outcomes are sorted on the event page. Right now it displays by most wagers, which for me makes it messy. Mine now sorts by outcome creation date as you can see here. I'd like to see: Sort by outcome created date Sort by # of wagers Sort...