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Fixed Please select a Prefix

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Looks like you've checked "Require users to select aPrefix" for that Category and do not have any Sportsbool Prefixes created and associated with that Category. Edit each of your Sportsbook Categories and make sure that option is NOT CHECKED unless you have some Prefixes available for your users to select.

I have Prefixes and you are correct, I had the checkmark in. So that is not the problem as I already did what you asked me to do :)
SPORTSBOOK Prefixes, not THREAD Prefixes.

I can reproduce this by having NO Sportsbook Prefixes and having the option checked.

inbox me an ADMIN Login so that I can check the Categories and Prefixes myself.

That ERROR is specific to Sportsbook Prefixes, so it makes NO SENSE if you say that you have Sportsbook prefixes (and they HAVE to be SELECTED) and its throwing that error.
Could be some sort of a new bug cause by changes in the last release. I won't be able to look into it until tomorrow at the earliest. For now, just make sure that option is UNCHECKED so that you can at least CREATE for now (until I can do some troubleshooting). I need to push a maintenance release anyway, so if there is something buggy with this (which there probably is), it will get fixed and pushed this week.
Any news on this?
Other than its fixed and will be included in the next release... that's it. Can't tell you when the next release will be. Won't be until everything else that is being worked on for this addon is complete and tested.
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