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Implemented Use the Default Outcome Sort Order Type for outcome order on the Settlement Form


I have just configured the following:

Outcome Sort Order Types: [X] Date Created
Default Outcome Sort Order Type: Date Created
Default Outcome Sort Order Direction: Ascending

And it works just fine when viewing an event, however, when settling an event, it is not respecting the configuration (the outcomes seem to be displayed by wagers placed from higher to lower). Is this as designed?

Thank you,
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Is this as designed?
Yes. Those order options control the default fetching order for the display of the outcomes your members see when they first load the Event Tab and View Detailed Outcomes Tab on an a given Event. Those options are not for setting the desired order of the outcomes that the admin wants to see on the settlement form (its fetching by the system default order which is number of wagers placed and is doing so on purpose).

I can move this to suggestions as I am sure I can work something into the XF2 version of Sportsbook to either use the default sort order or have its own.