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Partially Implemented Enable/Disable "Post as Update" In AMS Options

Discussion in 'AMS Closed Suggestions' started by Winterstride, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Winterstride

    Winterstride New Member AMS

    Sometimes my articles section gets pinged with a new update when an author edits their article and checks the "Post as Update" option when they really shouldn't. This makes it look like a new article has been posted when it isn't, and some of my users find this very annoying. Rather than hoping that my authors will play ball when I ask them to not check that box I'd like the ability to hide that box from them entirely, perhaps allowing only certain usergroups to see and use it.

    Thank you for the wonderful add-on!
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  2. zastavra

    zastavra New Member AMS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium

    I have the same issue and I'd like to suggest for future AMS update to make the Update Checkbox, UNCHECKED by default.
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    This is already done in the next version. For those that want it the other way around (which is causing problems with users), they can edit the template and add the checked by default back in themselves. Should have never let them talk me into having it checked by default in the first place.
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