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Do SC & AMS custom fields lend themselves for calculations?


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I would like to set up custom fields for SC & AMS in such a way that I can pull all kinds of statistics from it.
For example if we have custom fields so that members can fill in their car type and the number of miles that they have on their car, then we could create statistics on the average, min/max number of miles for each car type.

Such calculations would be of great value to my community.
Would something like this be possible?
Do SC & AMS lend themselves for such calculations? Or would this imply problematic queries?

See: https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ucture-approach-for-storing-properties.92908/
That is really useful. And yeah I am planning custom development for this. Quite a bit.
Im guessing that its going to be a bit more easy in XF2.0 as well (from the hint bombs for developers that have been dropped)
I guess I will be using XF1.4 for at least a year. I cant imagine we will see addons catching up to XF2 before then.