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Partially Implemented Current selections/entrants viewable by admin?


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Is there any way to allow admins to see who's submitted their picks for a current week? Or even who's entered the pool?

If not, it'd be quite useful to see which members have joined a pool but haven't yet submitted their picks for that game week.
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not at this point, no... but both are things that I WANT to do and are on the white board. Would you prefer Backend, Frontend or a combo of both? Is this something you want just for ADMIN or would you want pool members to view all or some of it or non pool members? Now is the time to get your "wish list" in for this functionality as it hasn't started yet and when I do get started, I'll have something to go off of.

btw, I've moved this into the suggestions forum and marked it as considered
It would be good if the front-end showed everyone who was entered into a pool but I assume that the leaderboard does that after the first week's results have been completed?

From the back-end, it'd be nice to see everyone entered into the pool but also whether they'd made their selections for the current Game Week (and even be able to check/search their selections but that might be too much). Even better would be an alert set X days before the Game Week closes if they haven't yet submitted their entries.

We'll see how our first Game Week goes and I'm sure I'll have more questions after it closes :)
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The Frontend does, but only after the week has closed. It is done that way on purpose to prevent others from figuring out your picks.

I am open to pretty much anything as long as it does not take away from the cheat preventions that I have already built in (which one of those is preventing players from knowing whether another player has made his picks and what those picks are).
marked as partial. Pool administration on the back end now includes Player Administration. It is extremely limited in functionality right now (the only thing you can do is delete a player from a pool), but will have more functionality in the future. The Main Pool listing will display how many players have joined the pool, which in turn is a hyperlink to the Player Management for each specific pool.

When removing a player, it HARD deletes them from that pool (all traces of them for the pool are removed)
I've added functionality to the frontend that allows anyone that has permission to view Pickem to click on the Title of a Pool (on the Pickem Index page) which will launch an overlay that displays every member that has joined the pool. This will probably change a bit over the next few versions as more functionality is expanded (ie, private pools won't have this functionality).