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Copy Outcomes from one event to another


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I am entering in all the round (18 of them) for a racing event, where the partipants are the same for each race. I would really like the ability to be able to copy the outcomes (description and odds) from one event to another, so that I do not have to enter in all 31 participants (outcomes) for each of the rounds (races).

Since we don't have a copy functionality for this, could anyone please advise the SQL to achieve this? I'm sure it will just be a INSERT INTO xxx SET (xx,xx,xx) VALUES () type SQL? but not more forte enough to get it there.
You can (in the current version) do it like below (I just ran the below one, so I know it works perfectly)

event_id = the ID of the event the outcome will be associated with
outcome_date = date the outcome was created (use the UNIX_TIMESTAMP format as shown below
outcome_title = name of the outcome (255 characters MAX)
current_odds_against = first number of the odds X/x
current_odds_for = second number of the odds x/X

NOTE: The last value line does NOT have a comma
NOTE 2: Pay attention to the precise syntax below. Adding non text characters into the Title (such as ' marks will blow up if you don't properly escape them.. if you have a title with a ' mark, you must put a \ in front of it like this.. 'test insert don\'t hurt me outcome title 1'

INSERT INTO xf_nflj_sportsbook_outcome
    (event_id, outcome_date, outcome_title, current_odds_against, current_odds_for)
    (17, UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2013-04-09 12:00:00'), 'test insert outcome title 1', 2, 1),
    (17, UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2013-04-09 12:00:00'), 'test insert outcome title 2', 5, 1)
Perfect, thanks!

This is what I've utilised ...
INSERT INTO xf_nflj_sportsbook_outcome (event_id, outcome_date, outcome_title, current_odds_against, current_odds_for)
SELECT '5', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), outcome_title, current_odds_against, current_odds_for
FROM xf_nflj_sportsbook_outcome
WHERE event_id = 2;

... and just changing the '5' immediately after SELECT on the 2nd line each time I execute the SQL.
Saved me heaps of time, thank-you :)
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Its a little more complex for the next version of showcase as the outcome DW (data writer) has some preSave and postSave actions that now come into play (like updating the Events table with info).
Would like to see the ability to copy events (and it's outcomes) in the next version :)