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Implemented Comments System


Staff member
This was funded by @Joe Link who needed an internal comments system instead of using the optional associated discussion threads feature.

CAS now includes an optional internal light weight comments system (same basic system used in other add-on's of mine like AMS, Link Directory, Showcase, UBS etc).

This is per category feature.


This is a permissions driven feature.



Similar to AMS, Link Directory, Showcase and UBS, comments are displayed on the Overview Tab (first page of a Classified Ad) below the content.


Note: Keep in mind, this is Phase I (basic comments integration similar to AMS, LD, SC, UBS) of 3 Phases. Phase II and III will be coming with XF 2.3.x and XF 3.x respectively and add some new features that are no currently offered for other addons with comments systems.
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