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Implemented Category Management: Create Sibling/Child Category (from clone)


Staff member
There are now 2 new "create" options on the Category Management Page for each Category. These 2 new options allow you to FULLY CLONE an existing Category as a SIBLING or a CHILD.

FULLY CLONED = 100% of the options of the Category you are wanting to clone are COPIED to the Create Form so that all you will need to do is add a Category Name and hit SAVE and it will be an exact duplicate of the category.

As you see in the image below (AMS Screen shot), I cloned the Computers & Technology category as both a SIBLING and a CHILD in a few SECONDS (and they have 100% of Computer & Technology's settings).

NOTE: You will need to set Category PERMISSIONS separately as that is NOT something that can be done during the create process!

Selection_218 (1).png

The above screen shot is from AMS, but as you can see, its the same in Showcase...

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