showcase 2.7.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Add "ByLine" to the Recent Reviews Sidebar Block

    As per title... this has been implemented. This matches Recent Items and Recent Comments.
  2. Bob

    Implemented Notable Members List – "Most Showcase Items" tab

    This has been implemented Tab Phrase: nflj_sc_notable_most_items
  3. Bob

    Implemented Category Management: Create Sibling/Child Category (from clone)

    There are now 2 new "create" options on the Category Management Page for each Category. These 2 new options allow you to FULLY CLONE an existing Category as a SIBLING or a CHILD. FULLY CLONED = 100% of the options of the Category you are wanting to clone are COPIED to the Create Form so that...
  4. M

    Implemented Search multiple tags

    When trying to search multi tags (AND) search in Search -> Search Tags, I get “No Results Found”. For instance, the following item has four tags: 1969, boss429, ford, and mustang. 1969 Boss 429 When I enter tags ford + mustang in the tag’s search bar, it shows “No Results Found”. Multi...