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Category image cache


I have a problem with category image cache.
If showcase has not image, than default category image will be showed (placeholder) on category page and homepage, that working as expected, but if I change category image with another one with same name, still is showed old image. I try to refresh frowsers, clear cache, opcode cache, redis cache...
New category image shows only if I uploaded with different name.

There is some imge caching in showcase, but can not find where it is.
Daily clean up cron only update new image in item view.

To not be misunderstood, I am talking for category image that shows up when showcase has not image uploaded.

So, for now, only solution that I have found, when want to change category image it has to be with different name than any old one.

Try to change category image with new one but leave the same name as old one.
Remove the existing cached image from /data/showcase/category_image/your_cat_iamge.ext The template helper will then create a new cached image based on the new image you want to use (even if it has the same name).