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Pickem Can Pickem do this?


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Hey all,

We're trying to retool the website battles section on https://community.forumpromotion.net/forums/website-battles.114/ and while I've used XenForo 1 Pickem thanks to a different site in the past, I haven't used the XF2 version and I'm a little fuzzy on whether or not it would be adaptable enough to make this a reality. We're looking to possibly use it as a way to replace the website battles section, as mentioned, and it may or may not have the functionality we need. As a breakdown of what we're potentially looking for, this was a sort of high-level overview of how we saw battles possibly working in the future:

Wonder if we could have users submit their sites for battles via a form, we then review their battle application and, if approved, take a series of screenshots that don't show names or avatars, but show off features of the site and make a sort of gallery or collage of these features. Applicants are then assigned a number or a letter and placed into a random draw, battles are drawn daily (or weekly, depending on the number of entrants) and placed against other sites drawn at random. They are given their number or letter only, and then a sequence/gallery of images. Users pick their favourite looking site and vote for that. We keep a table of wins/losses/2nd places and at the end of each month/quarter/year/whatever we hold a sort of winner's bracket. Final winner gets...something?

Would it be possible to setup Pickem in a way that makes the above somewhat doable? Could it be modified in such as way as to make it work?

Thanks for your time!
Would it be possible to setup Pickem in a way that makes the above somewhat doable?
No, that is not possible. That is not how any of the Pickem Pool Types (Standard, Spread, Draw and Survivor) work.

Could it be modified in such as way as to make it work?
The amount of modification to change pickem to work like you'd want would take more time/money than just having a custom addon developed specifically to do what you want (and you'd get exactly what you want vs attempting to put a large square peg into a small round hole.

Maybe contact Ozzy and see if painbacker has any time. He could whip up something nice for you pretty quickly (if he is available).