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Updated Edit Article: Enforce Category Option - Require Article Image


Staff member
As per title, when editing an Article, enforce the Category Option "Require article image".

Currently, you can edit articles in categories that require an article image (at least 1 uploaded image attachment) and save without that validation being checked (as it was designed as a CREATE only feature).

I've updated the Edit Service to add an additional validation check, that will now throw an error if trying to edit and save an article that does not have any existing image attachments or temp hash image attachments, in categories that require an Article Image. This is really how it should have been designed in the first place and is now enforced on both created and edit.

Additionally, the per category option "Require article image" is no longer a sub option of the "Allow articles to be created" option. This allows admins to set that independently, for use cases where you don't want articles CREATED in that Category, but you want to enforce the "Require article image" for articles that are moved into that Category (won't check during the move process, would apply the next time the article is edited).



Updated to be an independent option (Phrasing has also changed to reflect that it pertains to both creating and editing).

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