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Can you relist SOLD ads easily? Or just Closed ones?


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While I have you, can you relist SOLD ads easily? Or just closed ones?

The system is great, this was on a site that has been using it for some time. New sites coming live soon finally.
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The answer is a bit complex as there are so many things that come into play whether its the Ad Owner or a Moderator, the status of the Ad, the Ad Type and permissions.

Also, the term "relist" is very generic and has several meanings (its not one universal definition).

To SOME people, relist extends the add for x amount of days.

To OTHER people, relist means to clone an existing ad and create a new ad from that data.

eBay does both. CAS only does the first one, but I can see where creating a new ad based on data from the existing ad would be beneficial.

Anyway.... I'll post a detailed explanation for you :)