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Can i add ONE tab for ALL created fields for articles?


Well, hello again Bob. It's me causing trouble for you again.

I'm adding a category for community reviews of games and products and is working very well, with a lot of mandatory fields for the user check, like operational system, hardware requirements, and this kind of thing.

But i have a quick question:

- Can i create only ONE tab and add all the fields in this tab?

Because if i choose tabs for all technical specs fields, it will create a lot of tabs, like a big and ugly monster.

I can see there is a "self placement" option, but i don't know how this works and i don't know if this apply to my situation.

Thank you very much.
That is not a feature in AMS, so that would require custom development (either via an addon or using self placement fields).

Self Placement fields is an advanced feature added to AMS for develoeprs, not non developers (altho, some non developers have enough basic technical skills that they can do some low level customization with Self Placement fields.

With that said, I did do some experimenting in XF1 versions that allowed you to set the display location to "Self placement" and then check an option that let you display that self place field in the TAB of another custom field that is the display location of "Own Tab" (which sounds like what you want).

I do have plans to re implement that at some point, so I wouldn't spend a lot of money on any custom development (unless its very important and you need it now).

Here is an example from an XF1 version.... as you can see, its as simple as choosing "Self placement", then checking the input to display in the tab of another custom field and add in the field ID of that other custom field.

Thanks for your reply Bob.

Don't care about developing this feature right now, is not a emergency, just more a curiosity. Is working fine the way it is.

And if one day you can implement this for us, would be a great thing.

Have a nice sunday! :D
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