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Bold Titles for New/unviewed items only (on Item Lists)


Hello there.

One thing i have been noticing on Showcase that feels weird at times, is that the counter may show "5" new/unviewed on the nav tab, but when we enter it displaying the normal home, we don't really know wich are those 5 items are to view.

We can always go to the New Items page, but shouldn't use for example the same read/unread thread title for the read/unread showcase items?
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Pretty sure this is doable now (it wasn't in the past). Marked as considered as I don't see any reasons NOT to implement something similar.

NOTE: I changed the TITLE of this thread to reflect the actual suggestion.
UPDATE: I've added the necessary programming code for this, however, I don't have the TIME to fully implement this in the middle of a release, so the full implementation will come at a later date (once all the DESIGN aspects for all the different layouts have been completed for this).

I should note that there are now 3 BOOLEAN variables within the {$item} array that can be used in item list templates and item templates (as long as the item has been "prepared").

These new variables are:
  • {$item.isUnviewed}
  • {$item.isNew}
  • {$item.isUpdated}
  • if {$item.isUnviewed} == TRUE, then one of the other 2 will also be TRUE (and the other one obviously FALSE).
  • if {$item.isUnviewed} == FALSE, then both the other 2 will also be FALSE.
  • There will never be a case where all 3 are TRUE.
As mentioned above, I'll eventually be using these within core, however, in the mean time, you are able to use these for your own personal customization purposes.

NOTE: The new programming code will be available starting with Showcase 2.3.0 Release Candidate 2
UPDATE 2: I decided that it couldn't hurt to fully implement this now by adding the last unfinished part (which is the Title part of this suggestion).

OLD: Titles were always BOLD.

NEW: Titles are now only BOLD when the Showcase Item is in an "Unviewed" state.

An Unviewed state happens when the Item is either NEW or UPDATED since your last session.

When the Item is NEW has not yet been viewed, it also includes another CSS class named unviewedNew which can be used for customization purpose (to add some kind of NEW indicator)

When the Item is UPDATED has not yet been viewed, it also includes another CSS class named unviewedUpdated which can be used for customization purpose (to add some kind of UPDATED indicator)

This applies to Items using the 3 layout types (List View, Grid View and Article View). It also applies to Modular Sliders. Blocks, Widgets etc does not take this into account.
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