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Implemented Custom Item Update Fields for Item Update feature


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This has been implemented in SC 3.2.15.

Not much to say really as custom fields are custom fields (a core xf system). Nothing FANCY about custom Update Fields, its 99.9% generic default core xf custom fields (the .1% is the display locations, which there are 3 choices).

There is a new nav item "Update fields" located in the Showcase Nav section.


Clicking on "Update fields" takes you to the Item update fields main landing page, which lists any update fields that you've added (grouped by display location (Above update, Below update and Self placement)


The add field form is stock XF. There are no custom features that are not included with Core XF Custom FIelds.


In this screen shot, you can see that I've added a custom field called "Money Spent" and it is displaying in the "Above update" position.


In this screen shot, it is displaying in the "Below update" position.


That's pretty much it in a nut shell. Nothing special, just the standard custom field system, but specifically for Item Updates (works just like Review Fields work).
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On the Add Update and Edit Update forms, the custom field inputs are placed on the input form in their respective display positions...

In this shot, since the Money Spent custom update field is set to display above the update, the input on the Add/Edit forms will also be above the update editor.


And in this shot, I've edit the field and changed the display location to "Below update", so as you can see, the input on the add/edit forum is below the Updated RTE.


Note: Self placement inputs are displayed last (after the inputs for the "Below update" are displayed). Same as with Item Fields and Review Fields.